Allola is the moniker for Melbourne based electronic pop singer, songwriter and producer, Alex Latham. She teams edgy vocals with atherial sounds and 80s inspired synthtronica in her catchy sparkling tracks.
After spending a number of years at University studying music, she found herself at a loss of direction with her writing.. "I felt I kept coming back to the same chord progressions, and writing the same pop power ballads over and over, so I went into a period of block"

After spending a year on hiatus, Allola started writing again. "I just picked up this drum machine, it was called Korg Volca Beats. I programmed this pretty terrible beat, but it added a whole new element to my chords. I started to hear the music again."

Allola began playing around with different sounds, and learning how to manipulate analog synthesisers. She describes her composition technique as being a little different to others in the electronic scene. "I actually compose and program all my music on a synthesiser/sequencer called the Roland JD-Xi. I originally bought it to have different sounds to use for my songs, but I discovered its sequencing feature pretty quickly. So all my music is looped and recorded directly into the synth as I write the track, then I import the stems into Ableton and send them off to my producer to make badass track out of them" 

In July 2016, Allola played her first support slot with Byron Bay group Tora, and started gaining some traction in the Melbourne scene. As the year went on she had a number of shows under her belt, supporting acts such as Amy Shark, Tigertown and Tash Sultana
Currently, Allola is working on a record with US producer Mark Eckert, with the first single due to drop in 2018.  

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